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Derrick & Rig Building Services. Decommissioning. Coded Welding and Burning Rope Access Window Cleaning Company in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Total Ozone is the leading rope access company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE. Mainly we focused on providing cost effective and professional one time rope access services to our valued customers. EIWAA can provide an extensive range of their services with the aid of Rope Access services to minimise costs associated with both time consuming and expensive scaffold systems.

Rope access services

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All disciplines are covered and we have the worlds largest online database of international Rope Access techncians. Rope Access Inspection Services. MISTRAS safely delivers a full line of traditional and advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection services via rope access. Assets in at-height locations are often not inspected as frequently as they should be, due to the hazards associated with accessing them.

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Martin Castle Ltd is a rope access company in London, specialising in training and working at height solutions and backed by highly experienced trainers. 020 8558 5688 info@mcl-uk.com 0 Items Master Point Rope Access Services If you and your company need to perform the work but don’t have the rope access technicians Master Point Rope Access Solutions can get you there and keep you safe. We can get to any location and perform visual and/or non destructive testing (NDT) inspections on structures such as roller coasters, wind turbines, bridges, dams, skyscrapers, petrochemical Rope access services by PVD Training For many major industries like construction, power, oil & gas, manufacture,… rope access is a best innovative solution for carrying out a multitude of tasks at heights because of its effectiveness, more safety without having to install scaffolding or involve the use of man-lifts. Values.

Rope access services

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Rope access services

After construction, the rope access services can be used for repair, maintenance, and inspection of such structures.

Rope access services

With rope access we are able to kill two birds with one stone because we can get up there to see where the setting is and, at the same time, make necessary adjustments or repairs. Rope Access is the most cost-effective way to inspect [interior welds]. Highland are full members of Industrial Rope Access Trade Association – IRATA member No. 8011/OT as both a training and service provider. We provide a range of industrial rope access services including but not limited to: Project Co-ordination. Inspection Services. Derrick & Rig Building Services. Decommissioning.
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Rope access services

Total Ozone is the leading rope access company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE. Mainly we focused on providing cost effective and professional one time rope access services to our valued customers.

If work is required is to be carried out at height in complex structures or confined spaces, using Rope Access could be the most suitable approach.
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We are a highly motivated, successful team of abseilers with years of experience in the industry. Height safety is our paramount concern and our stringent safety procedures are constantly reviewed to ensure we are always operating as top notch team. Oftentimes, Rope Access is a cost-efficient and safe alternative. Choosing Rope Access can reduce a project’s total lead time by 50% or more.

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Traditional access methods such as scaffolding, crane baskets, and man lifts increase risk exposure, crowd work areas, and add significant expense to projects. Rope access is an efficient method for deploying and performing: Corrosion Removal and Coating Application; Insulation Installation and Repair Rope access is the option that can make that thought a reality. In addition to cost savings, rope access can get workers into sensitive locations where environmental impact or third parties are a major concern. Mobilizing a rope access team is flexible and efficient, allowing for more scheduling options if required.

Rope access is a well established method and line of business in many parts of the world and is now fastly growing in Scandinavia. There are various reasons behind the growth of this method of access. Rope Access Services. Rigging International Group (RIG) is an industrial rope access service provider. We specialize in access solutions needed for code application services in the oil and gas industry, refineries, petrochemical plants, power generation plants, pulp and paper mills, marine industry, bridges, dams, towers, silos, stacks and much more. Superior Access – Rope Access systems can be quickly established to reach almost any area imaginable, which is impossible for other traditional access methods.